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The all new global and historic TV projects of the New Hollywood Studio.

If you want to leave with your own downloaded copy of the audition, please bring a regular NEW and UNOPENED thumb-drive with you, and announce at beginning of the audition that you have the thumb-drive, and if it is unopened and new, we can insert it and  give you your own hard copy  of your Point 5 audition to take with you when your audition is done.

Except in rare circumstances where your Point 5 is confirmed in her first audition, you can expect a couple of subsequent follow-up auditions called " call-backs". A call-back means you made the first cut and have moved on to the second casting.

No casting for any participant can be done WITHOUT being accompanied by a Legal Guardian of legal age that is legally qualified to sign for the minor child's participation IN PERSON.

The Point 5's

This is a weekly 30 minute series about 4 little girls trying all they can to emulate, dress like, behave like their superstars they look up to.

This show will be HUGE with  clothing lines, toy lines and all kinds of merchandising and live performance tours to follow.

We are casting in Las Vegas in front of TV cameras in a TV studio to get screen tests on each applicant. 

EVERY girl who auditions CAN HAVE HER AUDITION on TV , ( if they so desire) so they WILL be on TV, no matter what.

New Hollywood is televising each audition of each willing participant, or part of each audition,( much like the first wave auditions on American Idol), showing good & bad alike nationally on multiple channels. So unlike any other TV series, you WILL get on television by simply  auditioning.

Because we are expecting hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of  applications, we are requiring ADVANCE registration. However, we ARE offering EXPRESS CASTING, " Skip The Line" casting and PREFERRED CASTING  by purchasing an ADVANCE STAGE PASS

Each audition will be re-televised in a TV event series documenting the casting of The Point 5's globally on Vimeo ( the world's largest live-streaming platform), WCETV APP ( to 1.2 billion people), on FilAm.TV, on VegasLifeTV, on ROKU, Fire TV, Amazon, etc., and even StageIt .

Furthermore, this program with all the casting reels will stay ON DEMAND on several accessible sites , like YouTube, and FilAm.TV, for years to come, giving you pride and real reels to prove your daughter/ sister/ grand-daughter " auditioned for Point 5.


The first ALL NEWS global newscast featuring stories related to all branches of empowerment from men, to women, to kids, to bullying, racism, sexism, gay rights, school shootings, etc.

This is the FIRST ALL EMPOWERMENT newscast by women, for women, about women.

Senior anchor commentator Alyson Williams is the First Lady of Def Jam,  is in the Soul Hall of Fame and known for her classic  R & B hiot, " Just Call My Name".

Lani Misalucha is a Filipina singing icon every Filipina knows as the " Nightingale of Asia" and Las Vegas having done many residencies there. She is considered the Barbara Streisand of The Philippines, and known iconically throughout the Asian world.

Arlene McGrew is the star of The Asian Goddesses, a successful business woman, speaker and entrepreneur.

These 3 strong women of #WomenEmpowerment will redefine  the standards as they bring truth, integrity, and wisdom back to the news. It is their goal to INSPIRE, to ENLIGHTEN and to  EMPOWER their listeners.