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The Asian Goddesses/ Films in May

Updated: Apr 24

New Hollywood Studio announces the reality show, The Asian Goddesses, will begin filming by New Hollywood Studio in Houston, Texas in May& June, 2023. The Asian Goddesses are mom, Arlene McGrew, and her two daughters, Kaitlin McGrew ( the model) and Vanessa McGrew ( the biochemical engineer student.)

This 30 minute weekly reality show will be the first reality show in history to debut in every country in the world at the same time, including 194 nations, plus China.

The show is written and created by Lowell Beasley, filmed by Jayar Tolentino, and produced by FilAm.TV, edited by Ammaz Ejaz/ New Hollywood Creatives.

The McGrews female cast are all on the executive board of the Women Empowerment Movement.

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