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ABOUT New Hollywood Studio


New Hollywood Studio is the new modern  version of how its done in Hollywood now. This is the studio where diversity is celebrated, not just tolerated.


In 1996, creator/ #WE founder, Lowell Beasley partnered with iconic Hollywood producer, Frank Capra, Jr, (  Escape From New York City, etc.) son of Frank Capra, iconic Hollywood director ( It's A Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Mr. Deeds, etc) to form a future studio together and New Hollywood Studio was born. Frank Capra , Jr. died in 2007. In 2016, when Lowell Beasley needed a studio name again, he resurrected New Hollywood Studio.

New Hollywood Studio is the studio where diversity is CELEBRATED, not just tolerated Unlike major studios of the past who amass lots of real estate on location, New Hollywood prefers to stay unemcumbered by location and prefers to be mobile and virtual. Unlike other studios, we welcome as many platforms as possible and desire to be on all channels, all stations, all platforms.

New Hollywood Studio is changing the way things are done, the way of 2023 and beyond. Invention. Creation. Innovation. A new way. A new idea.


#Sheroes, the LARGEST female tribute

I#Sheroes , the largest female tribute, will air in 3 installments in 2023, with the first installment on Mother's Day, 2023. The first installment is being filmed in Las Vegas on April 29-30 with the TV special to air on Mother's Day, May 14.

The second installment  will be much bigger and will air on August 9, Women's Day, with a filming date TBA..

#WE_BlackLives To Air April 24


Carl Magno of FilAm.TV has scheduled the second #WE TV special, #We_BlackLives to air on FilAm.TV and all its platforms on Monday, April 24, at 8;30 pm PT. The special was created by #WE founder , Lowell Beasley, during the #BLM riots to explain to non-whites a little musical explanation as to why the black culture was so incensed, or at least, to make non-whites more empathic to their plight.

Good Times Tribute/ May 1


On May 1, FilAm.TV and its platforms are re-airing the New Hollywood Studio TV special aired in 2021 during the pandemic, the Good Times Tribute starring actor John Amos, with clips from the 1970's iconic TV show, " Good Time", paying tribute to the iconic show with guests like NBA legend Craig Hodges, and Sheldon Reynolds ( Earth Wind & Fire). The show airs at 8;30 PM PT on FilAm.TV and all its platforms.


The #We_The Good Times TV Special, the third empowerment TV special, created and aired by Lowell Beasley and New Hollywood Studio in 2020, will be broadcast globally on  next Monday night, May 1, 2023 on FilAm.TV and its platforms at 8;30 PT. After its airing it will be on the ON DEMAND availabilty to the 1.2 billion subscribers with accessibilty to it.


#WE Movement

 The nation's largest empowerment campaign.



The largest Filipina station in the nation.


Stand Up International


ILowell Beasley/ Deena Norn/ Philip Jones/ Bill Scherzer/ Jesse Moore


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