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#Sheroes, the LARGEST female tribute aired its pilot  of #Sheroes to 1.2 billion people on Mother's Day 2023 and is the first of several global TV specials with a 20 city concert tour and over 100 events, honoring the unrecognized  female heroes in our lives. The NEXT #Sheroes telecast airs on August 9th/ Women's Day, produced by Rich Girl Tv and hosted by ZupaNova, and co-hosted by rock sensation Lae Franzani.

The Asian Goddesses


An Asian  mom and  her 2 Asian daughters ascending the climb to the Hollywood  high life. Come follow their struggle, pursuit , dreams and behind the scenes preparation, conversation and wisdom of these empowered high lifers enjoying life.



A#WENews, the first all empowerment news cast about women, for women, by women. It is the first news cast to debut globally in every country in the world at the same time. With anchors Alyson Williams, Arlene McGrew  and Lani Misalucha.